Little Stars School

Mathare, Kenya has a population of half a million people with only three schools. In the picture above is the most affordable school in Mathare. This K-8 school accepts everyone they can, but not every child has the opportunity to go to school. With your help we will be able to give more children the opportunity to go to school.

There are 40 families living in the 2 plots of land we are planning on buying. With your help we can help relocate these families by giving them a months rent and money for the deposit (60 dollars per family). The building on the left is the Inspiration Centre. The Inspiration Centre has a church open to the community and a kindergarten classroom. The Inspiration Centre also has bedrooms for the non-profits that come to help Mathare. We are partnered with the Inspiration Centre. The building on the right is apartments.

This is our plans for the school. Above is the floor plans for each floor. Each floor will have five classrooms, giving us a K-8 school!